Wanting to improve a programming language we already know or learn a new one.

What it does

Keeps a library of code samples (algorithms and data structures) to allow you to come back and practice as needed until it's fully learned. The library is organized by language and algorithms for that language are shown for you to choose from. Then you can type the code and see if you recall it correctly.

How we built it

WPF C# project for the desktop version Android studio for the mobile app HTML/JavaScript/Perl for the website

Challenges we ran into

Becoming sufficiently familiar with the mobile environment to replicate the functionality. Also implementing the account and library functionality on a web server.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We believe it's a solid idea and will continue to develop it for anyone it may help.

What we learned

How to build using WPF instead of the old drag and drop windows forms in Visual Studio. Learned more about app development.

What's next for Assert Code

Continue to polish each incarnation, add Mac/iOS and Linux versions, and publish for anyone to use.

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