When starting out as a programmer, or as any creator, it's often difficult to find resources or things to work on. We set out to change that by creating a service that helps people connect based on a mutual desire to learn a topic. Our goal is that our project will help people to inspire each other to build amazing things.

What it does

Meet assembly, a web site focused around topics. Sign up for an account and fill in things you are interested in (i.e. Javascript, Gardening, Woodworking, etc). You will then be presented with a curated list of projects and discussions that are relevant to you. You can share the projects that you are passionate about with the rest of the world as well as join in on engaging conversations.

How it was built

We built assembly using the new Angular 2 web framework. The entire application was written in TypeScript, and functions as a single page web app. The backend uses Java to serve a set of REST APIs to the web client.

Challenges we ran into

Angular2 is an extremely new framework, and recently went from alpha to beta. As a result, there is very little documentation on the internet, and there are naturally bugs/difficulties that you have to work around. We had a particularly hard time working around an error in the Angular2 http client code, which is still under active development.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the fact that we were able to create a reliable and well-performing web application using the Angular 2 framework that we were all new to and that has a few issues.

What we learned

This was one of the first times that any of us have gone into a hackathon with the entire team not knowing or having any experience with the core technology we decided to use. We quickly learned how effective learning as a group can be.

What's next for assembly

We plan to add additional features that integrate with other sites, such as GitHub. For instance, if someone posts a link to a project on GitHub, we are planning to display details about that project from their API.

Also, we want to have more rich content on our web app, such as embedded images.

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