Our team was inspired by the efforts of volunteers in the UK to provide services like grocery shopping to their neighbors, especially the more vulnerable members of their community like the elderly or immuno-compromised. Our goal was to create an app that encouraged members of the community to work together for convenience and safety.

What it does

Asparagus provides a platform for volunteers to connect with people who need help. With Asparagus, user can request any services or items that they needs then be connected to a volunteer in their neighborhood who can fulfill those services or get the user the items they need. For instance, multiple families can submit requests for grocery items, and one or two volunteers can purchase those grocery items. This would not only reduce crowding in grocery stores, but would also keep people who are more vulnerable to COVID-10 safe and indoors.

How we built it

We used Android Studio and Firebase to create the Asparagus Android app.

Challenges we ran into

No one in our team had previous experience with Android Studio and Firebase, so we spent a lot of time learning how to use them to make our app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of being able to create a functional prototype for our first-ever app made with Android Studio.

What we learned

We learned how to create Android apps using Android Studio and Firebase.

What's next for Asparagus

We plan on adding payment features to Asparagus to compensate service-providers as well as more game-like features to incentivize volunteering.

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