As Atlassian moves towards more rapid release cycles for the applications in the suite, managing upgrades behind the firewall has become very difficult to keep up with. Therefore the idea for ASM was born, it has been designed as a script which will help:

  1. Standardise installation of each of the suite applications
  2. Standardise upgrades of each of the suite applications
  3. Remove the need for custom file changes on every application upgrade
  4. Minimise the potential for human error during installations and upgrades
  5. Make configurations portable, to simplify the creation of test environments
  6. Reduce the total time required to install and upgrade applications in the suite
  7. Increase the potential for keeping up with the new, rapid release cycles Atlassian has been coming out with

Manages custom configuration options including: Custom Context (such as /wiki for Confluence) Custom Ports Custom Java startup parameters Custom memory configurations (including Xms Xmx and Permgen options) Apache reverse proxy configuration for Tomcat and Jetty Crowd integration and Crowd SSO config across upgrades

Also Supports Redhat/CentOS Supports Ubuntu/Debian Installs, upgrades and uninstalls Bamboo, Crowd, Confluence, Fisheye, JIRA and Stash Generate and manage init.d scripts for those applications that need it Manages setting up the application as a service within the OS (such as with chkconfig on Redhat) Manage the download and installation of the MySQL JDBC driver for installations that require it Manage OS users dedicated to each application Manages folder permissions and ensures that they are correct

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