ASLTegra is a Sign Language translator for the NVidia Jetson TK1, written using OpenCV. It currently translates ASL (letters only). Each letter can be mapped to a system call (e.g. to launch Firefox).


More generally, this program reads from a video stream (e.g. webcam) and matches them to a set of reference images.


  • To create a reference image, press any letter key on the keyboard for the image to map to. This will create (and overwrite) the corresponding image in the images/ directory.
  • To reset the base background, press space.
  • To exit, press esc.


All non-repeated characters are sent to the doSystemCalls function in scripts.cpp, which can be used to execute user-defined scripts.


We wanted to make use of the Tegra's GPU capabilities by doing an image processing based application. The sign language translation was particularly good for this as it required a lot of matrix / image processing with OpenCV that could be sped up by the GPU's parallel processing capabilities.

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