We wanted to use cool technology, that could help us create something impactful for people who can sometimes be overlooked.

What it does

The app opens up to a camera which allows the user to tap on text blocks that will appear live as the text-recognition works its magic. The word or phrase is then run through a translator, which sees if the words exist in its database. If the words exist, a short video of a professional signing the word will play.

Although there are many different kinds of sign languages used around the world, ASL is the most widely used. So although it may seem that someone who knows ASL should know English, that's not true! With the current arrival of around 40,000 refugees into Vancouver, guaranteed there will be individuals who don't speak English. This is one group among many that this app could help, so they can adjust to Canada better! Come watch our demo for more ;)

How we built it

Blood, sweat and merge conflicts. Android Studio was used. Tears were shed.

Challenges we ran into

Android Studio can get a bit finnicky about gradle versions and SDK versions and Google versions, so having to deal with a myriad of conflicts every time we merged kind of really sucked.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built something that can help people! Maybe people who didn't think that there were people out there thinking of them! That feels great!

What we learned

We also all learned more about git and Android Studio than from our years at university so that's neat!

What's next for ASLInterpreter

We would love to integrate not only other signing languages into the app, but allow for translation from different languages (Arabic-to-ASL, Mandarin-to-BSL, German-to-CSL). That would allow us to reach every corner of the world, and truly make sure nobody's left behind.

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