It is kind of hard to put the real inspiration into words, but I am trying my best. I had suffered from a problem when I was having my primary education like from one to six class, I didn't pay attention to study at all but like all local private schools, my school never failed me which resulted in, that when I got my senses back in seventh class I was not able to read and transcribe English and Urdu. Being the student of Seventh class I couldn’t read any restaurant's name, wasn't able to transcribe anything apart from my own and F/name's name. whenever any guests would come to our home, they used to make a laugh of me and my school for this. One day I tried to take my parents in confidence that I am not able to read and write anything kindly put me back in one class, I promise I will study hard but now in these circumstances, I can't survive. It wasn't possible for them to do so due to my age and society's talk, but they did a great job, they got me admission to an academy where a test was taken from me. During that test, being the student of 7th class, In English, I was reading kite as "kitty" and in Urdu, I was not able to transcribe ''آپ", at that moment my parents literally came to know about my real conditions. So, as a solution, the academy decided to teach me from very basics of both languages. Time passed after 6 months I was able to read, write and transcribe in English and Urdu after that doors of opportunities just got opened for me because now I was able to read and kind of understand everything and today after seven years when I look back I see thousands of students suffering from same depression and same shame but not all of them have got parents like mine and not of all of them are going to find that academy that's why I have tried to build an App "Asli ilm" to solve this problem. The App not only targets the students of primary, secondary but rather any age of person either shopkeeper, labor or any other but with strong.

What it does

The app at the very beginning takes the test of reading and transcribing from the user to gauge its level. The app comprises of 5 levels of reading, writing and transcribing. At level one the user is taught to read and transcribe alphabet and syllables and after clearing five levels successfully the user becomes able to read and transcribe dawn. For now, teaching writing is not available which will be implemented using machine learning. Further after gauging the level of the user by taking the test, the app assigns the user RWT (Reading, Transcribe and writing) level accordingly. Afterward, whatever level is assigned, the user continues its journey to RWT level 5.

How I built it

I researched the methodologies to teach and mixed it with the one, I was taught with. I created a prototype 1.0 first but it wasn't encouraging, almost 30% of the time, I invested in planning during sleeping, sitting lonely and walking here and there. After some time, I designed another prototype 1.1 which was satisfactory. and then with the help of flutter, I built it by working day and night.

Challenges I ran into

Putting the exact things into actions that were in my mind was way more challenging than I had thought. No doubt I got the majority of things implemented but all with the different way then I had imagined of. There had come some moments where the existing pub packages and libraries were not fulfilling the exact job so I had even modified them. Furthermore, text to speech and speech to text were kind of nightmares to me, before making the app thinking of these parts in my app used to frighten me but slowly and gradually I overcome them.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I feel very peaceful when I think that I have successfully achieved something that plays some role in the improvement of people's life.

What I learned

Before diving into this app, I took Udemy's best flutter course improved my knowledge and skills enormously and implicitly I learned dart language but after creating this App it feels like that course learning was just a cup of tea in comparison to the things that I learned during this development period.

What's next for Asli ilm

INSHALLAH one day Asli ilm is going to be one of the world's most renowned companies. My first steps towards this are implementing writing methodology using machine learning, adding RWT of Local Languages, adding the most talked thing "How to speak in English", and finally diving into the real aim of this App Asli ilm ( Real Education ) guiding people to be successful in any area of life.

Built With

  • flutter
  • speech-to-text
  • text-to-speach
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