Project Name: ASL Ghost Team Name: SSquad Members: Sarah Bland, Samuel Boakye, Scott Kirkpatrick Purpose: Utilize LeapMotion hardware to read in ASL signals used in playing a game of “GHOST” with a friend.

Description: Scott was the primary person who dealt with hardware on this project. He took advantage of built-in LeapMotion methods to read in hand motions, equating certain (1) finger extensions and (2) palm positioning with ASL alphabet letters. In many cases (i.e. E, M, N, O, S, T, Z, G, Q, J, L, R), Scott recalibrate to simplify letter selection (e.g. “Did you mean…”, “Please raise thumb for…”, “Spread your hand to confirm…”). The software to do this is in the Main.cpp file.

Sam and Sarah spent most of their time writing the code for ghost.cpp, which contains the majority of the game functionality itself. The Main.cpp and ghost.cpp interface through the “insert()” method in which a translated letter of the alphabet gathered from the user is accumulated on the current word string held in ghost.cpp. General rules for the game (which closely resembles “HORSE” in basketball) are enumerated below:

(1) 2 players total (2) Player 1 starts and says one letter (3) Player 2 follows and says the next letter … flip flops back and forth (4) One player can choose to challenge the other player at any time on the word being created (5) Once a word is created, player that said the finishing letter loses & is assigned appropriate GHOST letter (an additional one for each of the mistakes) (6) OBJECTIVE: To extend the word being spelled as much as possible without making up random junk words/ avoiding being challenged on the word by opponent. Minimizing the number of GHOST letters accumulated.

We definitely have some bugs that could be well dealt with during a longer time frame BUT are proud of ourselves for having gone from (1) never seeing LeapMotion before to (2) writing [most of] the code needed for a simple C++ command-line game. It was definitely a fun time had by all - each of us really enjoyed our first true hacckathon! Thanks to UNC and all the sponsors who made it possible. (:

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