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We will be teaching a Leap Motion device to recognize the American Sign Language alphabet. Our original plan was to develop a web app that would allow the user to see a person using ASL and learn the letters and numbers, then sign ASL for the Leap Motion sensor and it would tell the user if they were correct. We were able to implement more features for teaching, including an interactive page showing videos and photos of one of our team members signing in ASL and an interactive hand in the background showing the user signing along with the demonstration using leap motion. Unfortunately, while we were able to aggregate data on the mean and standard deviation of various hand positions of ASL letters and numbers, and we were not able to create a function to compare the user's sign with the standard ASL data we gathered. Using the .tech domain acquired at DragonHacks we were able to launch our site at Although our project was not as fully formed as we first imagined it to be, we made significant progress in developing an interactive web app to teach American Sign Language and show the user their progress.

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