I'll try and keep this quick, so I can do the in-depth explaining during my presentation. A condensed version:

  • I've wanted to make a project that would do sentiment analysis on any word / phrase for a while, so this hackathon seemed like a good time to make the project come to life
  • Yes, I did buy asktwitter.com at the beginning of this hackathon and it was miraculously available
  • I spent no money distributing the site over https, as I used AWS Certificate manager and distributed my s3-hosted site using cloudfront
  • I'm pretty proud of myself because I haven't really used cloudfront in a big project before, and I got it to work and serve my content
  • My web-app is secure and almost entirely powered by AWS Services
  • I'm also pretty proud of my 'hand-made' 3d engine, which allows users to browse tweets in 3d in their browser. this took some actual math and trigonometry, and at the end of the day that entire environment is rendered using my code

I'm probably forgetting a lot more features because I'm slightly tired, but I hope the one takeaway is that I put a ton of work into this project. I'll definitely give a more in-depth walk through during my presentation.

Be sure to check out the link!

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