hackthe6 January 2015.


Have you ever wanted to talk to the almighty 6ix god? We all know he is watching but have you ever spoke to him directly? Well, look no further than the ask 6god Android application, blessing you with the opportunity to ask 6god for advice, answers or general life advise.

How its made

Leveraging the API calls in Java we were able to create meta information for many Drake lyrics. By retrieving and storing information provided by Indico, such as the sentiment (happiness factor of the lyric), the top 3 key words from the lyric, and 5 predefined text tags, we were able to create a context for individual lyrics to be used as responses. Within the application the user is able to pose a question, and through Indico api calls, we create this same data for this question and using parse and a super top secret selection algorithm, we output best matching lyric as the response. i.e: You: Why does it only snow when it's cold outside 6ix god: Because they rocking furs like its snowing in the south

What we did

In order to create this idea there were 2 main components, the Android interface and the created database. Since this app was a very simple premise, one of our main goal was too keep it as lightweight and quick as possible. This lead to our inclusion of uploading our database to Parse and on app load quickly reading this information in. From within the app we make api calls every time the user asks a question and compares it to the database to produce the lyric as the response. Coming from the back, a simple Java program was created to

  1. read in Drake lyrics
  2. call and retrieve the information from the API call for each lyric
  3. Save it all as a .csv file to be uploaded to the parse cloud.

What we'd do with more time

Since the backend is loaded up through parse the opportunity to expand "Ask the 6god" to more platforms is available. Some immediate action would be to create a web app to run it, as well as integrate the program with a song playing api to better immerse yourself into the realm of the 6ix.

What we learned

  1. API calls and how to interpret the information
  2. How to connect an app to a parse cloud
  3. The ways of @Drizzy himself peace.

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