Our inspiration were all the people who faced the problem of seeing something really cool on TV, wanted to buy it but could not find it on the internet.

What it does

You see something really cool on TV? You don't know what product it is exactly? Well the AskSepp App is the solution. You can ask him e.g. what jacket there is in the foreground and Sepp will show you the product and send you the link. You now just have to klick the link to be directed to an online shop. So users save a lot of time and effort shopping. TV providers can use better product placement, can optimize their advertisment and use synergies to get more traffic to their own e-commerce shops

How we built it

We used as a plattform IBM Bluemix ( and used API from 7TV and Samsung Tizen.

Challenges we ran into

Synchronizing the requests sent to devices and make everything working. Also We had to build an android app and an Smart TV app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Two working Apps! And solving a real issue and thus enhancing user experience and user involvement during the customer journey.

What we learned

You can drink a lof of club mate, redbull and cola during a night full of hacking.

What's next for AskSepp

Improving the database, so users can have information about many scenes, not only one. Also running in the long-term analytics to understand customer behaviour and user interaction better and more precise.

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