In Brief

Askr is a system that allows a company to manage and reply to customer support queries received via text. The system uses sentiment analysis and number information to prioritise and highlight incoming messages in a web ui.

The Mission

Poorly managed Customer Support is bad for business

  • Call centres are costly and scale linearly, one representative can be on the phone to exactly one customer at one time

Customers hate phoning companies

  • 90% of customers cite long call times as their biggest frustration
  • 45% said offering better service options via mobile would make a difference in their decision to switch.

Given that neither end of the phone line wants to be there, this was a problem we needed to solve.

The Technology

For the user, ease of use was paramount, ideally:

  • Nothing to download
  • Something they already know how to do Clearly, text messaging is the obvious choice.

Technology light customer side, technology heavy company side.

  • One list of incoming queries seen by multiple representatives: open so problems are shared
  • Sentiment Analysis: Highlights unhappy users as a priority to remedy
  • Nexmo Number Information: network-availability gives an indication of customer response time; number validity flags requests from fake numbers, and network-provider highlights potential sales opportunities.

A techni

NB: All statistics came from this survey by Accenture last year:

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