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Crowdsourcing answers to questions one. piece. at. a. time.


AskMeteor is the crowdsourced oracle for all the questions of life. What Javascript framework should I use for my startup? Why did my significant other leave me? Team Edward or Team Jacob? AskMeteor will respond to your queries with the wisdom of the internet, generating a reply in real time with the community voting on each successive piece of the answer.

How to AskMeteor

  1. Go to AskMeteor
  2. Make suggestions for the current answer by typing !foo to suggest "foo"
  3. Type !<delete> to delete the previous winning suggestion, and type !<done> to finish the current question.
  4. Suggest a question! The next question will be the most suggested question.

Engineering challenges

  • Since we only had 24 hours, we made many assumptions that were not necessarily true. For example, we thought mongodb could store all symbols, even . and $. Well, we thought wrong and this came to bite us in the end as we were filming our demo and we entered a period....
  • finding the correct scope for what could be done in 24 hours vs if we had days or weeks.
  • Reactive joins!!
  • CSS - how do I center this element?


We were inspired by the Twitch Plays Pokemon phenomenon. We believe the Internet is full of the brightest minds dedicated to enlightening their fellow humans with the best, most serious answers :)


AskMeteor was created by Xinran Xiao and Caleb An , two software engineers at BrightRoll who wanted to build a "web scale high performance" app.

Meteor Packages Used for AskMeteor:

  • semantic:ui-css
  • iron:router
  • aldeed:collection2
  • percolate:synced-cron
  • reywood:publish-composite
  • xinranxiao:moniker
  • flyandi:reactive-countdown
  • mizzao:user-status
  • tmeasday:publish-counts
  • accounts-password

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