The problem

The Covid-19 pandemic has been unfolding like a slow motion car crash. Some passengers seem better prepared whereas others are still trying to fasten their seat belt.

In a pandemic, preventive measures need to be put into place before its too late.

The problem is how to share best practices and lessons learned from this pandemic?

Our solution

Asklepius is an online tool where organisations can share best practices and lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our tool classifies pandemics using a universally accepted risk typology. The tool documents ways organisations have mitigated the impact of the pandemic as well as the linked risks. The tool also records the underlying root causes and displays them in a fishbone diagram.

What has been accomplished

Using Python, our team has hacked together a tool to help organisations, institutions and companies share their best practices. This will enable us to learn from past mistakes and to avoid repeating them in the future.

The impact on the crisis

Although the crisis is already several months old, it is important to document and share knowledge as soon as possible. The tool is up and running, multilingual and fully scalable.

What is further required

We hope that the EU will support us by financing the remaining technical developments and by promoting the tool throughout Europe.

The value after the crisis

We believe that our tool will foster cooperation and increase Europe's resilience to pandemics in the future.

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