The team started off with the idea of using the Twilio API to implement a bot of sorts, over telephony network (SMS)

What it does

In its current state, Askii is capable of utilising the WolframAlpha computational knowledge engine to query for you, and respond within a short time (also some limited reddit usage)

How we built it

Python for the majority of manipulation: listener server; reading input, passing to, and receiving from the WolframAlpha API, as well as processing for SMS output Twilio for telephony interface Android app to attempt to use different types of response

Challenges we ran into

Query responses from WolframAlpha are variable in length, metadata, and content, therefore interpreting these was challenging in its complexity Handling of encoded unicode characters

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully reading and replying to SMS, impossible without the Twilio API (huge help!) Android app as we had little prior experience with the development environment and implementation

What we learned

Web is hard! HTML parsing, GET & POST requests using Python, SMS handling in Android, git / GitHub

What's next for Askii

Multiple web service capable - wikipedia / reddit / IFFFT (as long as you can code it, you can have it!) Easy plugin integration

Thanks for having us Manchester!

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