Our App is an iPad App to helps doctors prescribing more safe, named "Ask Gregory"

  • Inspiration I'm a mom and often visit moms' forum. A few days ago I saw the discussion that a certain medicine is surely safe to their children. Doctors prescribe medicines mostly based upon the current disease or symptoms. It is difficult to research patient medical history and statistics of those who have similar medical records.

  • Key Features AskGregory check patient’s basic health information first, and secondly check what symptoms or diseases the patient have. Then, it searched database and show the statistic results which medicines are used and how often they're used to similar patients. When choosing medicine, doctors can easily search the problems, side effects, and allergy of each medicine. This solution will lower the risks.

Ask Gregory doesn't make a medical decision, but suggests statistical guidelines and problem information. So, it helps doctors to decide based upon not only their knowledge, but also the statistics and cases that AskGregory offers.

  • Target Users This solution contains database, statistics, and application. We can sell this app to doctor based upon subscription.

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