StackOverflow is now just one command away. Let AskFlow handle your errors!

What is it?

AskFlow is a command line tool for automating debugging your code. This CLI allows you to search StackOverflow for answers to errors in your code without ever leaving the terminal.

What makes us different?

There are existing CLI tools for searching StackOverflow- but these existing solutions require you to describe the errors you are getting yourself, costing you precious time to read through complicated error logs. With this tool, you can run your code using our command and it will automatically extract the relevant information from your error IF you have one, then return the most relevant solution.

What's it look like?

AskFlow has a colourful CLI that's easy to read, making it quick to digest the solutions you need CLI

How To Use

You can find our project on our Github link down below. You simply need to clone our repo, then open any terminal of your choice inside the "ask-SO" folder. Make sure you have Python installed, then run our program to demo our program

  1. python search "python"
  2. python next
  3. python previous

The search command will execute a command of your choice in order to run your code as you normally would. This could be "npm start", "flask run", or "python" just to give a few examples

You are then able to navigate between the 5 most relevant answers using the next and previous command. To increase retrieval speed these are stored locally in a CSV file temporarily.

Next Steps

The next steps for AskFlow is publishing it as a publicly available package, implementing a feature to retrieve an answer's URL, and manual search queries

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