"Make the problem as simple as possible but not simpler" -Albert Einstein


The inspiration to this project has been the inability of current bots to solve burdensome mathematical problems. The application bridges the gap between natural language processing and machine level language adding the essence of intelligence into machine.

How we did it

The application is built using the AWS platform integrated with Alexa Skills Toolset. The computation is done using the python programming language. Database used is DynamoDB to add context awareness feature to the application


  1. Cross platform interaction:- The main issue in the IOT challenges is that the interaction between various platform is difficult.
  2. It was also challenging to integrate Numpy and Scipy libraries to the Lambda function environment.
  3. Writing the algorithm to compute calculus from the various combinations of the strings passed by the user.
  4. Understanding the the architecture of AWS and finding the issues with Alexa.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Being to our first hackathon, we were not sure that we will be able to contribute as much as others. But in the end we feel that we did alright! :)
  2. We were able to write the complex algorithm that can parse the speech strings and make mathematical meanings out of it was really difficult. It took us the most of the time but hard work paid off.

What we learned

A lot. HACKATHONS ARE AWESOME! We learnt a lot of technologies we had never touched before like AWS, Alexa platform, DynamoDB etc.

What's next for AskDevils!

We have added context awareness to Alexa. Next would be the logic aspect of it.

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