The main inspiration of the project was to find a way to share the information in CoVID-19 between physician and public so the people able to get the right and scientific answer to their problem

What it does

We are the community of the peoples known as Askco19. Our project is about providing Collaborative real-time information sharing regarding the COVID-19 between the physician and the public, which helps people to get the most reference answer via our platform.

How I built it

We built this platform with the support of the open-source community and we used multiple tools and libraries to build this platform. The platform built by using a modern library such as React, Nodejs, etc. We used the translation module from javascript to deliver the information in 5 languages

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We provide an open-source platform to get the answer related to COVID-19 from the medical professionals. In the time of lockdown, people are unable to reach the doctors, and our platform helps to connect with the doctors, and people can get their answers. We are trying to make it international so everybody can know more information about COVID-19 and can spread awareness. Currently, at the time, our platform supports five major popular languages.

What I build

Our platform is providing the live question and answer platform where the physician answers the public's questions in real-time. It also offered the facilities of the telehealth option to connect to the doctor, and It support and translated the content in 5 languages.

Built With

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