Has this ever happened to you? Need to submit your java homework in 20 mins and you still can't get it right? Or you have already spent 5 hours trying to figure out what's wrong with your 2-bit full adder circuit but still can't seem to find the problem? Or you need more advice in choosing your HASS/Electives? (cause you know, not all mods are created equal) Our application solves this problem!

What it does

Our application potentially connects you to the entire school population and allows you to post your questions online. You just log into the app, post your question, and wait patiently for a reply! Users who reply to questions are rewarded with points and a sense of satisfaction from helping others :). Not only would the users who ask questions benefit, users who actively answer other students' questions benefits from it as their concepts get cross-checked with other users, and verified of its validity/relevance through our upvote/downvote system.

How we built it

On Android Studio, Adobe XD and Brackets. Mainly used PHP5 for the backend, Java for the app itself and XD to design the user interface.

Challenges we ran into


Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting it done in 24 hrs (hopefully, still on it, after more than 1k lines of code. Our logo is so cuteeeee~)

What we learned

Coding for 24hrs takes a lot of stamina.

What's next for AskCacti

Pitch idea for discounts to be given in school with points exchange system Improve the code and make it more efficient and readable. Test run our application in SUTD. Gather feedback from the trial run. Improve on the application using the feedback gathered. Potentially expand to other communities.

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