Our inspiration came from the struggles that teachers face to obtain resources for their students in the classroom. Lesson plans, assignments, activities, and even homework can take long amounts of time to write up. Many of these activities online created by other teachers may be outdated and even behind paywalls. As a result, we came up with AskawAI, so teachers can ask away! It is a tool that will save teachers time and money to create meaningful assignments with AI generated questions.

What it does

AskawAI uses AI technology in order to generate questions for a wide range of topics. It can range in difficulty and can be as broad or specific as the user desires. Users can also export it as a DOCX to easily edit and print these ready-to-use worksheets.

How we built it

The frontend was built entirely with React, Nextjs, and Tailwind, while the backend was created using OpenAI

Challenges we ran into

There were quite a few challenges we ran into throughout the process. One of the biggest struggles was implementing the AI in a responsive manner to generate the specific topic questions. Another challenge was figuring out the features of exporting the generated questions into a usable, printable worksheet as a DOCX file.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As we were not familiar with AI, we are extremely proud of being able to utilize it and create a functioning question generator. We are also proud to create such a functional, usable website that can become a viable resource for teachers.

What we learned

For Michal, he learned how to implement AI into a responsive interface and also working with Nextjs and React to develop advanced features such as turning components into docx files. For Jamie, she became familiar with React, Nextjs, and Tailwind to create a simple, yet responsive interface that is easy for teachers to navigate and use.

What's next for AskawAI

We hope to implement more features into this site in order to help teachers. One idea we had was creating a review/rating system for questions that are favored or not, whether it is irrelevant or unrelated to the question and establishing a learning model for the AI. In addition, we hope to add feature where the teachers can add questions and topics, as well as edit the generated questions and answers directly so it is to their liking.

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