Students are reluctant to ask questions due to being judge by others or due to social interactions. We provide a safe space for anyone to ask questions without any fears.

What it does

we will be using the web application for students to ask questions either in class or after class. The question asked will be anonymous to hide the identity of students who don't wish their identity to be known when asking questions. To encourage all students to ask questions.

When a student submits their question, we will use NLP to predict if the questions are hostile or contains profanity, then issue a warning if it meets those criteria. To provide a safe space to ask questions.

How we built it

Vuejs + flask

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team has completed more than what we expected due to the time limit as well as our schedule.

What's next for AskAnything

Improving the prediction of NLP to detect hostile or irrelevant questions. Open the questions to all students instead of just teachers

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