Travelling has always been fun. But there are some glitches around it. Checkin process by standing in queue, getting around the airport to find the good deals, finding good food, finding the right terminal and the gate number. My grandfather who was travelling for the first time to US from India had a transit in Frankfurt. He is bit shy to ask the people around for navigating inside the airport. Being his first travel and that too alone he faced a lot of issues. He always had to be assisted by someone, What does that end up in?? Extra ticket for someone. He narrated the experience of his struggle after his trip. This made us think of a personalized chat bot which would answer any queries raised by the passenger.

What it does

AskAirBerlin provides a skype based chat to answer any queries regarding baggage, food, airport. It would be personalized chat which uses artificial intelligence. This provides baggage pick up service and track the baggage on the mobile application. It would give the details of all the baggage's.

How we built it

We used ionic application and integrated it with skype chat bot developed in C#.

Challenges we ran into

We tried to integrate google maps to track individual baggage on real time. But we were not able to do it. We would still work on it. As we feel it would help us track the missed bags. We can be sure that our baggage has not reached the airport and alert the airlines staff.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Integrating the Skype Chat bot which is personalized.

What we learned

We learned the issues faced by airlines, airport and passenger in deep after brain storming. ionic was new for us.

What's next for AskAirBerlin

We would try to use google translate api to answer queries in any language. Right now it does only in English. But there are passengers who may not know English as well. Real time baggage tracking on map which would help visualize them at any given time about the location of the bag. Lastly using google voice api the queries can also be asked by directly communicating with skype, which will try to understand your question and answer in the passengers local language.

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