We analyzed the reasons why employees in companies become ill and companies become insolvent. We found the deep cause of distressed communities. The deficiency syndrome has currently engraved itself deeply into society and is contagious.

What it does

Our transformation and healing platforms automate the network building of a new solidarity community. Guided by the platforms and their togetherness, the members connect step by step more and more with their soul. Members are guided by the platforms to take complete self-responsibility for their lives and their world. The members are supported to create a health insurance and a well-being income by investing in their health. Entrepreneurs receive support in building a health fund for sustainable financing and economic stabilization of their business. The scientific basis is the study of healing as a natural science based on mathematical logic in the integrative medicine study network. The companions of self-healing accompany the process with the study of self-healing and support in building self-healing clinics.

How I built it

I use Wordpress with the theme Divi

Challenges I ran into

  1. People are at completely different places in their lives when they start. -> There must be different starting points. In 2021 we are creating 12 platforms.
  2. The path to health needs security, support and trust at the same time, but requires change, which is associated with uncertainty, letting go and disappointment. -> There must be support in the transformation and healing process that integrates both sides. We use mentorship.
  3. There are currently many different ideas in people's minds about what health is and how it becomes possible. -> There needs to be a way that integrates these different views. This is what we achieve in the study of self-healing of the study network for integrative medicine.
  4. It needs to be easy to implement in people's current reality. -> It needs a way that is effective and can be practically well integrated into life, even if little time can be invested in health. Everyone can take the steps on the platforms at their own pace.
  5. Learning and healing only works in cooperation with others. -> It is not only possible digitally, but it needs the cooperation of people.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

For me, I have already managed to become much more stable as a result. My team is learning to work together more and more and to move in the same direction. The exchange takes place in radical honesty, so that transformation and healing becomes possible in the group.

What I learned

I am learning to get more and more in touch with my soul and self-love and to take self-responsibility for my life. I am learning more and more to lead my team and at the same time to let them lead me. I am finding more and more the business structure that will characterize healthy, sustainable and economically stable companies of the future.

What's next for Ask yourself healthy - transformation and healing platforms

The experience of the first two prototypes is now being evaluated and the final versions of the first two platforms are being created. Here you can see the project plan and the current implementation status. We are creating a consciously guided birthing process of sustainably healthy people, sustainably successful entrepreneurs and companies who are shaping a new sustainably healthy world. Step by step, day by day and platform by platform. We lead by example.

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Mein größter Traum ist ein Ende der Corona-Krise und der Impfdebatte, die die Bevölkerung spaltet. Um meinen Traum wahr zu machen: Nehme ich gerade an einem Hackathon teil und habe dort ein Projekt dafür eingereicht. Mein Wunsch an dich: Bitte drücke im Projekt rechts auf die grüne Schaltfläche 'Vote for this project!' Unterstütze mich, dass das ganze viele Menschen machen. Ich unterstütze dich auch gern bei der Erfüllung deiner Träume. Am 14.1.2021 um 19 Uhr ist die erste Wunscherfüllungsparty, in der ich dich bei der Erfüllung deiner Träume und Wünsche unterstütze. Danke :-)

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