Amazon Alexa is a very powerful tool and we want to use it to help UTD students and potentially other college students to have a better college experience.

What it does

It can retrieve contact information for many different situations (emergency, slow internet, physical health, mental health, etc.)

It can tell you amazing facts about UTD.

It can tell you the number of class sections available for any course offered.

It can get locations of important offices, classrooms, etc. and save students PLENTY OF time from Googling

ESPECIALLY, it can give you LIVE updates of parking structures at UTD!

How I built it

Using Amazon Lambda as a backend end point and the Amazon Alexa Skill Kit as the front end, we turned common questions of UTD students into convenient responses on Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant

Challenges I ran into

It’s our first time working with Alexa skills

Scraping data for parking and coursebook information

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We made a variety of skills to improve the UTD student experience.

What I learned

AWS, Lambda, node.js, asynchronous programming, voice UI

What's next for Ask UTD

Improving dialogue to improve UX

Built With

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