• It is the start of a new year! With the popularity of Uncle Roger, I would like to create a project to make one feel like they are talking to Uncle Roger and laugh to his sarcastic replies.

What it does

  1. To start the program, one has to first walk to where the distance sensor is placed. Once it detects someone has arrived, the program will play Uncle Roger's voice and you can start asking him questions through your phone.
  2. Ask as many "Should I" questions. It will reply whether you should think through it more thoroughly, should not or should go for it (in an uncle way of course).
  3. Ask him "what should I have (for dinner/lunch/breakfast)" questions and he will suggest you food recommendations.
  4. There are a few fixed replies just to make the project more interesting.

How I built it

  1. Search for Uncle Roger's videos from his Youtube channel, mrnigelng. Convert video to audio and cut only portions that can be used in this project. Unfortunately, most portions are not suitable and only about 3 audio files are taken from each video.
  2. Using Arduino UNO, Bluetooth HC-05 and Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04, an Arduino code is uploaded to the UNO to detect when someone has arrived in order to start the program. Serial data is then sent to Processing which chooses the audio to be played.
  3. Processing will initialise and play the audio files that are selected by the Arduino UNO accordingly.
  4. AMR_Voice application can be downloaded from the app store and easily connected to the Arduino through Bluetooth HC-05. Voice commands taken from this application are sent to the Arduino UNO to be interpreted.

Challenges I ran into

  1. Getting audio files that are suitable for this project was challenging as most of his videos are fixed to a theme. Therefore, I have to add in replies regarding food instead of solely replies regarding the general matter.
  2. Debugging the issue when Bluetooth data could not be sent to the Arduino UNO. Turns out it was a hardware issue and another HC-05 was needed to replace the faulty one.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Being able to laugh at my own project when I hear Uncle Roger reply to my queries.

What I learned

  • Learning that Processing can be used to pick up serial data and play audio files.

What's next for Ask Uncle Roger

  1. Currently there are only 3 replies for "Should I" questions, could find and add more humourous replies so that there will be a wide variety of feedbacks.
  2. Expand the number of feedbacks that the program can give for more kinds of questions.

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