We feel this could be a product that has the capability to bring restoration to our city's roads and lead the frontier of smart car pothole avoidance!

The Pothole Pioneer searches for potholes and uploads their exact geo-coordinate locations to an array, which then places those potholes on a map.

During the MLH Hackathon event, we spent 36 delightful hours together, brainstorming, designing and bringing the project to fruition.

One of the challenges we ran into was attempting to implement the Mapbox API into our project. It's free version capabilities made it difficult to map our geographical design.

We are proud of successfully competing as a group of four first-time participants. We think our project idea challenged us and improved our problem-solving abilities.

We learned how to utilize previously unexplored APIs, and we also learned how to apply our limited programming abilities to a real world problem.

Pothole Pioneer could be the vanguard technology in smart-car database expansion.

Built With

  • java
  • maps-sdk-for-android
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