I contend that a technological approach is not feasible, considering today's complex communication systems. Since my proposal is not a technological solution to the problem it cannot be considered for the Federal Trade Commission Technology Achievement Award. The proposal can however be considered for Best Overall Solution. A device that blocks unwanted calls would require consideration of too many variables. This would be like trying to stop bullets from an automatic weapon. There is no way to stop them all. It would be much more effective to stop these calls at the origin rather than block them at their destination. Any workable blocking solution would require a computer and a program similar to an antivirus program This proposal calls for three non-technological steps to reduce illegal automated calls to almost none. Many of these ideas are already in use by the FTC.

  1. Step one is education of consumers about robocalls.
  2. Step two is ask consumers to report their unwanted calls.
  3. Step three is seek legislation to require telephone service providers to take steps to help identify illegal calls.
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