Taking into consideration all information provided by Business Espoo we decided to make a tool which would be helpful to connect Business Espoo services with anyone interested in being a part of the business world. After interviewing companies from Espoo of various sizes and communicating with Business Espoo representatives made us realize how many sides there should be connected. Meaning, that Business Espoo is little known but can help in many ways not only to the beginners in the industry but also the bigger companies or students and others looking for a job. But where the information can be found? Which one of the 7 companies in Business Espoo can solve your issue? And in which way the companies can grow in the future?

What it does

It is a tool that forms a dialogue with the user and asks him simple questions to get to know his/her current situation. The state of the user is visualized and each answer adds something to that visualization. In the end, the user has a cool visualization of his/her state that can be shared on social media. But that is not all. Most importantly, this fun type of survey can guide the ones which are “lost” in the business jungles while giving valuable information to the Business Espoo to improve mostly used services or most common issues.

How we built it

We started with a lot of sketching with pen and paper. After validating each iteration of our drawings and polishing the main idea which we want to stick with we used Mockplus to materialize (not to be confused with Google Material design) the potential end product. These mocks can then be translated into a click-through with common tools like HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge is that Business Espoo is quite a new concept and they do not have set up anything concrete yet. This meant that we had to find the one thing would deliver most value already now. Business Espoo delivers a lot of services but their main problem is the exposure and packaging of these services. So that is the thing we tried to focus on the most but it was hard since we had to skip a couple of steps and build a layer on top of an abstract set of information.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Idea by itself! A new approach combining all seven companies under the tool “Ask Seven” and making the survey easy and fun but still keeping its purpose.

What we learned

Even though Espoo Business has many different services to offer, many companies are not really aware of it, so we learned that visibility is an important matter. We also learned that user stories are a good tool when pitching, which we studied and applied to our own presentation.

What's next for Ask Seven

We would like to implement the solution together with Business Espoo.

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