Building a site as heavy as facebook, stackoverflow etc. with the latest technology on board like Facebook Login API,ReactJs, angularjs,Socket.Io and Node Js etc. is not easy to come by......

Everyone on this Planet earth uses Facebook as no 1. best and overall venerable Social Network in the World for sharing social messages, media files etc.

Before introduction of Facebook Developers App Contest, When it comes to Programmers/Developers connectivity, most pro-grammatical questions are resorted to stackoverflow, githubs community, etc. and non of this site was strictly dedicated for React Developers for meeting and solving their React Coding Issues and for this reason, Ask React Coders was born.

Ask React Coders as an application fully powered by ReactJs, AngularJs, NodeJs, Socket.IO and PHP was born to provide all React Developers all the things they need to solve their React Tech. Pro-grammatical daily problems.

Software Invention is not done by re-writing an applications that already exist online or in the market but by improving the functionality and features that is currently lacking in other to meetup with the modern pro-grammatical trends.

Ask React Coders as Developers Question and Answer Forum was built with all the features and functionality needed by Developers to Interact, Share Ideas, communicate and solve their daily pro-grammatical Questions, Problems etc. all in real-time......... .

FaceBook has Billions of users with over 500 millions users concurrent connections in real-time. Ask React Coders was build to accommodate those loads since all the heavy database load rendering are done with Facebook React Js and real-time updates are handle by Full Duplex Technology (Nodejs + Socket.IO)

What it does

1.) A Facebook Developer Circle member are authenticated using Facebook Login.

2.) The Member Post/Ask React related questions which is automatically broadcasted to all the members in real-time just like in facebook real-time updates(Pages does not reload since all the real-time updates are handled by Full Duplex Technology (Nodejs + Socket.IO). In this way all members are notified of any React Questions posted or shared on the platform in real-time..

To post a Question, the Member Enters question Title, React Languages, and then uses Markdown Text Editor.You can style it , add bold,bullets, numbers, add links, images etc. You can also highlight your code and click on code icon to format your code or better use CTRL + K button to do that....

3.)Whenever a member responds or answer any question that are shared. The app automatically sends a real-time updates to all users on the platform to that effect.

4.)When a correct answer to the question is being given, The user who asked the questions can then mark it as solved and a real-time updates are broadcasted to all members to that effect. In this way all members are carried along and react coders can learn React from other members experience...

5.)When Someone Likes or Comments on your Question, a real-time updates will be sent for immediate conversation follow-up.

6.) Automatic Developers connectivity with Real-time one to one members chat system with files Sharing options

7.) Automatic Developers Group Chat connectivity with File Sharing Options. By default, the app automatically creates and add every member to 4 groups. So anytime you are authenticated via Facebook Login, You can Interact, Text and share react info 's with all React Developers on various Group Chats ranging from (ReactJs Developers Group, React native Groups, React VR Groups, Caffe2 Developers Group etc.)

8.) Ability to create your own private Developers Group Chat conversation System and then add members to your personal group Chat via their UserID.

9.) Every Question shared has comments Count badges, likes count badges, Answered Count badges, View Counts along with a real-time Report System. which can be used by other members to send a report to the site admin on the ground that the Question Publisher shared an illegal contents, Ads etc on the platform

Dia-grammatical illustration of the App Contents

Functionality of the app are stated below
1.) Registration/SignUp is by Facebook Venerable API
Markdown Editor

2.)Real-Time Question Asking Updates: This components allow React Coders to ask and share real-time ReactJs,React Native Articles, Questions etc in real-time from a MarkDown Editor so that it can be accessible to other React Community Members in Real-time. The Question updates allow users to enter
A.) Title of the Question(Eg. Issues Loading Database Content using ReactJs)
B.)Programming Language Posting Type (Eg. ReactJS, React Native, React VR etc.)
C.) Use of Markdown Editor to format Texts,Add Images, Links,Styles, Format Codes etc.

To format codes, highlight it and click on Code Icon or Press ctrl + K. Always highlight to format Text, add styles. You can also add links, Images etc as part of the post and share in real-time. Below is a screenshot of the Markdown Editor
Markdown Editor

Markdown Editor

Markdown Editor

Markdown Editor

3.)Auto Suggestion Search Box: Allow React Coders to search for previous Questions based on Question Titles or Name of the Questions Creators. For Instance one can Search for a Post titled ReactJs Stateless and Stateful components Connectivity

4.) Group Components: Allow Users to create a Private Group Chats and to add members to the group based on their Members userID. Once You know the members Id, You can easily add it to the New Group you created and a real-time notification will be sent to member in real-time.

By Default, The app comes with 4 pre installed Group Chat Rooms (Eg.ReactJs Group, React Native Group Chat) etc. and you are automatically a member of this Chat Group.


5.) A-Notifications Bell Alerts: Just like Facebook, it keeps every member notified of real-time alerts whenever a member shared/Ask Questions, whenever a member responds/answers any question being shared and also notification alert whenever the creator of the questions marked any answer as correct or solved. In this way all members know when a Question is being asked, answered and marked as solved all in real-time. This provides connectivity for react members to learn from other React Developers all in Real-Time..
A-Notifications Bell Alerts
A-Notifications Bell Alerts

A-Notifications Bell Alerts

6.) B-Notifications Bell Alerts: This keeps the Question Creator/Publisher alerted in real-time regarding when someone Like Your Questions that is asked by you, Comments on Your Question Post and when someone added you to New Chat Discussion Group He/She created.

. In this way the member will know in real-time for all the activity going on the platform...
B-Notifications Bell Alerts
B-Notifications Bell Alerts
B-Notifications Bell Alerts

7.) Group Icon-Notifications Alerts: Allows user to join Group Chat conversation and to get chat message alerts on all conversations going on to and from the group br> Group Chat alerts
Group Chat Alerts

8.) One to One Chat Box/Message Alert Icon: Allows user to chat one to one with other Programmers world wide and to share informations, articles and Media Contents...
one to one  Chat alerts

10.) Settings: This provides user the ability to Logout, Edit her React Posted questions and to have access to other Members Question shared Report on illegal contents or adverts contents published on the platform..

Report System

Correct Answer Marking SystemSystem

How I built it

I Esedo Ngozi provides the ideas while my team Brother Esedo Fredrick Codes.

We used Facebook Login API to signup and Authenticate Users

We used React Js for rendering all the heavy React Post including Reports Managements System via ReactJs Database Pagination, ReactJs Dynamically Load Contents and More.

We used NodeJs + Socket.IO to broadcast alerts in real-time, Real-Time Alerts Notification, Building of One to One chat and Group Chat conversations for React Coders

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to build a Ask React Coders A Real-Time Interactive Question and Answer System that allow React Coders to Ask and Answer any React Question Post, Share Ideas and Kowledge, Chat 1 to 1, Group Chat etc. with other React Developers Community around the Globe. Am still Learning React Js going forward...

What's next for Ask React Coders

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