Who doesn't love Pam from the hit series The Office?

What it does

We're short on time, so I'll be brief. We use a camera (web or DeepLens) and rekognition to stream images, waiting for our Alexa skill "Ask Pam" to "Check me in". If Pam hasn't seen you before, she'll ask you your name. Next time you show up, she'll know who you are!

How we built it

Frantically. Alexa + Python, Nodejs + websockets + html5, Rekognition, browser chrome API, the all new DeepLens (wicked cool)

Challenges we ran into

Ambitious for time. DeepLens has connectivity issues, so we pivoted to also support canvas webcams.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It actually works really well and is fairly straight forward.

What we learned

Pretty much everything. Rekognition + Alexa are both new to us. Dabbled a bit with Alexa, but the conversational state and such was new (and awesome)

What's next for ask pam

Open Source, baby!

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