What if you didn't have internet? Perhaps you don't have a smartphone?

Imagine you are in an underdeveloped country with limited internet access and don't have a smartphone with a proper mobile browser to ask questions. In this case, you can't do a simple Google Search to see why you have that bug or look at the documentation when you have a question.

Our solution is AskOverflow, an SMS internet client that can be used give internet capabilities in places where there is limited-to-no internet. This application lets you can ask question on StackOverflow from all over the world, even if you don't have the internet or a data plan.

We set up a Twilio number that accepts questions from anywhere and forwards the question onto StackOverflow. Whenever the question gets some answers, we'll forward the response back to the sender. Eventually we can extend this client to multiple platforms (ie. Quora, Yahoo Answers) and make something that will help millions of people.

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