There are certain questions or answers which we wish to ask anonymously without revealing who we are due to many possible conditions, not to mention them. That's where Ask-It comes in, where you can ask/answer a question anonymously.

What it does

Just visit the website and ask/answer a question anonymously without logging in! You can also log in, to get people ask questions anonymously to YOU, and then answer that. You'll get a sharable public profile link with others, where they can see the questions answered by you. On the otherhand, you'll have your private dashboard where only you can see the unanswered questions, and choose which to answer.
Apart from all this, there is a fun spy-themed easter egg challenge!
It says, you may get the ability to see the names of people asking questions if you clear the challenge!
SPOILER ALERT: When you make it through all the clues, you'll get rickrolled!

How we built it

This was built using Django. Django's models were used to create and store the data of questions and answers. While on the front end, html, css and javascript was used for hiding the various clues and the final objective

Challenges we ran into

This was my second overall MLH hackathon, and first MLH hackathon in which I participated 'alone'. My teammate was not available for this hackathon, and couldn't find someone else with the required tech-stack, so had to work alone.

  1. Worked at both front end and back end by myself
  2. Time limits
  3. Thinking and hiding the various clues
  4. Auto playing the YouTube video embed, it wasn't playing first due to unknown reason.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Participated in my second MLH Hackathon (This time all alone)
  2. Made a spy themed hack with a main purpose, apart from a fun easter egg challenge
  3. Was able to host it unlike last time!

What we learned

  1. Learnt about YouTube embeds!
  2. Experienced more of Django's models
  3. Learnt about hosting the web app

What's next for Ask It

  1. Adding pagination to all the questions
  2. Improving the overall styling
  3. Adding more clues to the easter egg challenges
  4. Ability to like/unlike posts
  5. Maybe a feature where user can choose if they want to disclose their name or not!


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