Inuit's Knowledge Base is very helpful, so we thought that we could build a way for easier user interaction improving the user's experience and to help reduce the call volume load for Intuit.

We also keep track of what kind of questions the user is asking and whether it's general knowledge or reporting that the functionality of something is broken. Depending on which is being reported, we can alert admins quickly to resolve issues faster.

Ask away!

With the Alexa skill, you can ask any question about Intuit's products that you might have. It will look through Intuit's Knowledge Base and will find the solutions that best match what you are looking for. It also provides notifications to alert administrators about potential services downtimes.



Once you ask your inquiry, it will walk you through a list of relevant questions that hopefully match your question. If you approve of the suggested question, it will tell you the answer or text you if the answer is too long. If none of the provided questions are relevant to you, it will ask if you would like to submit a new question to the knowledge base.


When a service stops working, a text message is sent to the administrator to bring their attention to the problem instantly based on the questions asked to Alexa. Also, when a question about a broken service is repeatedly asked, a text message is sent to the head administrator.

Challenges we ran into

-Parsing the knowledge base into a natural question and answer conversation.

-Creating a continuous conversation with Alexa

-Developing the chatbot

We feel really proud of building an Alexa skill from scratch and being able to talk to it!

What's next for Ask Intuit

Adding features such as:

-> Add a "Question answered!" alert when you submit new questions

-> Continue improving on the user cases

-> Specify the broken feature when reporting to administrators

-Optimizing the program and the responses

-Keep working on the improving the chatbot

-Making AskIntuit a certified Alexa skill

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