1. We travel to a new place and we wish to know certain characteristic things about the place - a particular trail, some local food etc.
  2. Also, occasionally, we might want to find other tourists close by who might want to go on a similar trek in that location.

...and we realized it isn't that easy doing either of these things.

What it does

The App searches for people within a given radius and lets users post questions (or answer others' questions) in a simple UI. You can ask them to join a fun activity or ask them for information of places around (very useful for travellers). More importantly, this app also doesn't reveal the user's identity to others thereby keeping you safe on the internet.

How I built it

We built an Android application that talks to a Java server through REST APIs and Google's Firebase framework. We also use Google's API to get users' location.

Challenges I ran into

The project involves using a lot of APIs, - configuring & getting them to work was a huge challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of completing a very useful product in a day!

What I learned

Team work, getting an end-to-end application to work!

What's next for Ask Around

Scalability, optimization, ability share images, etc.

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