Soon, we will be entering the wonderful world of post secondary school life, but after years of living under the care of our parents, many of us are lacking in the basic skills required to live independently. We started off with the desire to create an app that allows users to quickly access information on how to treat common stains on their clothing, but that quickly expanded to translating laundry symbols, finding simple recipes for novice cooks, and locating resources useful for student life. We ended up with a multipurpose app that will be the Hail Mary for many students and people in general, who are living independently of their parents for the first time.

What it does

Our app is designed to aid students in meeting different obstacles they will encounter while living independently. The first part will help the user clean up common stains on clothing. They will select the item of clothing that they stained, the material that the clothing is made of and the substance that caused the stain. The app will then provide the user with simple methods to treat the stain. The next portion allows the user to translate their laundry tag symbols into a simple explanation in plain English so that they know how to wash their clothes. The user will select the symbols that are present on the tag from a list of options, and when they select the symbol, the picture will switch to the instruction behind the symbol. If the user taps the instruction, it will return to the image of the symbol. Additionally, the user can search for simple recipes they can make at home, by selecting the meal and the ingredient they would like to include in the recipe. Then, the app will present a multitude of simple and fast recipes for the user that includes the specified ingredient. Finally, the user can utilize Google Maps to search for common locations that are often frequented by post secondary school students. These locations include libraries, restaurants, coffee shops, and grocery stores. The user will select one of those locations and then the app will present the user with many options in their current area.

How we built it

We built this app using Android Studio and tested it using an android device and the emulator. We also implemented the Google Maps API into our app. Additionally we hosted the data on mobile platform so that users can easily access the features on the go.

Challenges we ran into

For most of our team, it was the first time we had ever programmed in Android Studio and so it was a challenge to learn how to use the IDE and the android syntax.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We finished it with friendship and effort from all members.

What we learned

We learned how to use Android Studio at a basic level and how to implement the Google Map API.

What's next for ask 4

In the future, we would like to implement more features that will aid in more aspects of student life. This includes adding more data and options for our current features (ie. more recipes, more locations, more stain treatments, etc), and implementing additional features such as a budget calculator for keeping track of all of the expenses related to university/college life.

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