Asimov is a bare-metal language for the x86 processor. It is fast, it is small, and it is as close to the hardware as you can get. That's because it's built on top of assembly!

Asimov is a light object layer built directly on top of the NetWide Assembler. It's Purpose is to close the ever widening gap between embedded systems development and modern programming practices. With robust features such as exception handling, dynamic typing, and full inheritence features, it makes assembly easier than you could have ever imagined.

But don't lead yourself to believe it's just another objectified language! Asimov stays true to it's assembler roots by rethinking the object / class paridigm in a way that a true embedded programmer can enjoy, and a beginner can understand.

Asimov can also be used to build large, mission critical real-time applications with. The runtime is not OS-Dependant and will easily run on embedded systems. Think of the possibilities when you add objects. Think of the possibilities with Asimov.

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