Seeing the challenges many are facing in Zambia with accessing education while in isolation, we were inspired to create a solution for the women in we teach in Asikana Network who are not able to access our lessons due to the virus situation.

The initial plan is to create an e-learning platform allowing to administer lessons to various people online using the volunteers and members of Asikana Network.

Although the organisation existing, we are yet to develop this e-learning platform.

At present,most software we need to create the e-learning is NOT free and this has made us hit a brick wall of sorts. We also need more factual stats to be able to put up on the website in relation toe virus explaining to to the communities why we wish to now undertake this route.

I run Asikana Network which is an all female Tech organisation aimed at having more women actively participate in Tech courses and classes in Zambia.

We need to make this an actual solution way after Covid-19 has passed.

We hope to roll out the solution soon.

Built With

  • apis
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