A lot of our friends, us including, have been cooking a lot at home during quarantine, so we wanted to find a way to help improve the cooking process. We realized that a lot of people want to cook more ethnic cuisines but can't find the ingredients. Also, due to COVID, asian markets and neighborhoods have been affected (CT/Flushing/etc) so we want to bring business back to the area and drive exposure by bridging the gap between younger generations to local markets.

What it does

First digital platform providing exposure for small Asian supermarkets. Website that help user locate stores which have the ingredients they need

Source Asian Ingredients and Lowers barrier to cooking Asian cuisines Save time and minimize the uncertainty of going into the store and not knowing if the product is there or not

Cultural Preservation There’s a high consumer demand to cook more ethnic dishes, but small Asian markets lack digital presence. This site minimize the gap between the younger generation and smaller Asian grocers due to lack of general awareness and language barriers

How we built it

Just Adobe xD

Challenges we ran into

Majority of the team fell out half way 4 weeks into the project and also we got stuck on narrowing down our problem statement and figuring out a solution for it

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Really didn't think we'd finish, but glad we pulled through!

What we learned

JUST DO IT. Don't think too much. Doing something is better than nothing! Ideate, launch, test and repeat!

What's next for Asian Grocery Finder

Maybe able to actually built this site with a dev would be nice. Partnering with actual markets and getting their inventory

Pitch Deck Here

PDF Pitch Deck

Built With

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