We ,as a school, have been using online learning for our students for a long time. Amidst the ongoing health issues we decided to make it available for the masses. Our school teachers are world-class educators accredit from Cognia.

What it does

Ashtar offers different services to students, parents, and teachers.

Ashtar offers a comprehensive learning solution for students from grades 1 to 12 through three main modes: Learn, Practice and Play.

  1. Learn: Each lesson is a learning journey composed of the following features: · Educational videos featuring top quality teachers. · Questions and answers to test your understanding of the topic. · Summary notes covering the most important information. · Personalized progress reports to track your performance. · Test at the end of each lesson.

  2. Practice: Get access to the biggest question bank and practice as many questions as you want for any number of topics you wish to revise.

  3. Play: Because learning should be fun, you will collect points throughout your learning experience on Ashtar, and compete with students of the same grade level on the leaderboard, or with your friends through the learning league.

Parents can check their students progress and see their recent activities.

Teachers can create classes, invite students to join, go live and accompany students in their learning journeys.

How we built it

First, allow me to say that we built it with love.

We used a hosting service to upload our videos, chose Flutter as our programming language for its different advantages, and used Firebase.

Challenges we ran into

Crafting the best learning experience for students while maintaining content security and app easiness of experience for early learners.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We launching our product is an accomplishment itself. We are very proud of our work, yet we strive for more and we'll keep enhancing it.

What we learned

So many things we have learned throughout our journey building this app. We knew how noble the cause is when we started collaborating with teachers, parents, and most importantly students. They were our motive to go through stressful times.

What's next for Ashtar

Supporting more educational system and providing the service for more people in different places around the globe.

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