I want to gamify your experience from the second you step at the airport to sec you leave .So,to begin i wanted to share a story with you..... which really inspired me to build this app. My dad is a frequent flyer and he would usually be at the airport 3-4 hours early :( before the flights actually leaves( sometimes the fight got delayed) and also sometimes for international layover we will be struck at airport for 15 plus hours :( For me i didn't really know what to do.I was so bored as a kid and i will cry and will have nightmares about it......I still do and i am 25 years now.The only thing i do now is go sit in a bar or take alot of selfies which i will post it on Snapchat or facebook. So, Airbelin challenge made me thinking?!?!

FYI, I was inspired by pokemon g0 :)

Why gamify user experience?

Gamification on any app have always succeeded in keeping millions of enthusiastic gamers across the world fully engaged. There are some aspects and dynamics that non-gaming apps unfortunately lack. Some of these include: -Fun -Stress busting -Spirit of competition -Sense of achievement -Team playing and more


For Airport Business:

  • Generate more Business -Data Analysis : This is will tell them what is working and not working

For People:

-Fun -Rewards and coupons ( who doesn't like it?)

Airbelin App

-An easy integration to their app.Also, easy way to bring people to use their app

So, that inspired me to come up with this solution.

What it does

More details in video

Features of this app:

Offer Rewards: Mobile games offering rewards are extremely addictive. So, i thought why not improve the experience of people at Airport? Moreover, you may offer real as well as digital rewards.

Discounts:The discount coupon pop-up which is based on user geo location when the user gain points

Promote Competition: Apart from retaining the existing app users, acquire new ones by inspiring the former to challenge their friends and colleagues or people who at the same position because of the delay of the flights or have a long flight Layover.Specially, International flights...I have had more 16 hours flights delays or layover in past.

How I built it

I build this ios app using swift , google maps api , build api for flight details, heremap apis( for indoor navigation very useful at airport), animation

Challenges I ran into

Alot, I am new to ios development so i spend alot of time fixing bugs than building it but i learned alot( I am not complaining)...using animation was very new to me but i loved it.I see how useful it is to gain users

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building the entire ios app alone . So YAY

What I learned

Gamification can really help Increase Engagement?

What's next for AshishSolo

I am thinking on including badges, levels, challenges, leaderboards etc To sum up the psychology behind it, game dynamics use positive feedbacks (points, badges, status, progression, etc.) to build up the users’ motivation.So, i think this will really help :)

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