The Overview

Our project’s goal is minimize carbon emissions on a more personal level by allowing people ordering food in the same area to group their order to minimize the amount of trips a driver has to make, maximizing the driver’s profits and minimizing gas consumption.

Our Inspiration

A large contributor to climate change is carbon emissions, one fifth of which come from cars and trucks. The increase in reliance on shipping and deliveries from online services creates a need for more cars on the road, and our idea is a means for food delivery apps to minimize their carbon footprint by lumping multiple orders in the same area into one shared delivery.

How It Works

Once a shared delivery is started, the order is closed either when the maximum amount of people (5) join the shared delivery or when the time runs out (typically 1 hour). Those who use a shared delivery are guaranteed a base discount (2%) that increases based on how long they wait to close the shared delivery.

Built With

  • figma
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