Kara Huynh - choerry#0882 Annabel Chao - Avnapurna#0895 Aayush Shrestha - hawtori#0666 Josh Thomas - AbominableCow#0995


Since zoom university started up, many students (especially those in tech) such as ourselves rely on discord to keep in touch with classmates, or show up to events and hackathons.

time has started becoming a blur since the pandemic hit, and inspired by this, we had decided to create a discord bot which can help us out with keeping track of our classes and schedules.

Overall we wanted something that can help us with online school in some way.

What it does

Remind Bot can store information, such as zoom links to classes, and dates for tests, assignments and other important events you wish to remember.

using prefix &, Remind bot can provide you with zoom links right before class, and ping you about your quiz tomorrow. So once you put in the reminder, you don't have to worry about scrambling for your class or forgetting about that test. PLUS, it can help all your other friends and classmates within the same discord server!

How we built it

This project is entirely built using Python and visual studio code. Our discord bot runs using []

Challenges we ran into

Although this isn't the first time our team has worked on a hackathon together, somehow everyone was extremely exhausted throughout the duration of this project, therefore making it difficult to stay productive.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

1, Trying out a new thing yet again, since none of us have built a discord bot before. 2, Proud of the fact that we were able to complete this project despite our fatigue

What we learned

We learned about how to create a discord bot, and start up a server for it to work.

What's next for Remind bot

If we get any suggestions or recommendations from our peers, we may add new features to our bot. Otherwise, we could also fix up formatting more.

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