During this pandemic period, many changes have occurred in society, starting with the patterns of life and habits that occur every day. One of the things most affected by this pandemic are educational institutions. educational activities that were initially carried out face-to-face in schools are now being carried out online to avoid the spread of covid. this change in habit had a profound effect on both parties. This situation make it very easy for students to cheat, especially on exams.

What it does

We authenticate Student by its biometric typing DNA so we can easily detected cheat

Challenges we ran into

Learning TypingDNA API and time management because each of us doing hacks while working / college.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It's challenging to build an application that can help other people. We're excited that apart from solving the problem, we learn new stuff when building this application.

What we learned

learn about TypingDNA, learn some stuff while doing hacks because some of us still new to ui/ux design & front-end code

What's next for QuizDna

improve UI for more-friendly usage and add more features

Built With

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