Food-4-Philly was built as a tool for individuals, households, and neighborhoods who are motivated to donate surplus food to local community hunger relief organizations. Many people who would like to donate, might be unsure or unaware of the regulations surrounding food donation. What if food is expired? Does the type of packaging matter? Did you know that refrigerated eggs can be donated 23 days after their sell-by date?!

Our app helps to remove confusion surrounding food donation, making donation fulfilling and enjoyable.

Through the interactive dash app, users encounter a series of dropdown menus and buttons to find out if their donations will be accepted. Users that are able to donate can then additionally access distances to the 5 closest food donation locations through Google Maps.

Our app is designed specifically for individual users and households. One estimate suggests that US households throw away over 150,000 tons of food each day!

If we can make it easier AND more enjoyable for families and individuals to donate their excess household food, we can reduce waste and serve our food-insecure neighbors.

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