"The difference between a dream and a goal, is that a goal has a timeline." Catalyzed by the keynote speech for the opening ceremonies of TheLadyHacks, strives provide a social productivity platform for users to keep track of goal progress and collectively achieve goals. Ultimately, individuals and groups are encouraged to maximize productivity.

What it does

User can create an account and track individual and/or group goals. Individuals can keep track of personal tasks. Groups can encourage each other to complete tasks by sending members inspirational memes randomly generated by the website.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge was the steep learning curve of dealing with so many languages/templates that use HTML/CSS and unifying them together. It was also difficult connecting the Front End to the Back End.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of being able to produce a project that is demo-able. I am also proud of our group for persevering through the fatigue and anxiety of de-bugging. Ultimately, our product came together very well.

What I learned

We learned how to collaborate, work with new languages, and use in-class concepts in real-world applications.

What's next for

Different modes of will be designed to cater to different work audiences. For example, in place of sending memes, we can send inspirational quotes/other media for groups that are mental-health-aware. Alternatively, if we are addressing the workplace, we can send positive, professional media. Having multiple modes caters to a wider target market and ensures the "encouraging messages" are effective relative to the audience.

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posted an update

Features currently live include badges earned by completing tasks, and global goals that are public to everyone (ex. Take the HackHarassment pledge against harassment!). Future features include collections of memes or gifs going up to our database that get pushed to you based on your task progress, and categories (i.e. arthur memes, pepe memes) of badges that can be collected.

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