We wanted to have a perfect mixture of utility, entertainment, and collaboration in one app. Our objective was to not only make their life simple but to encourage them to lead a better life. Our main inspiration were apps like Rappi and Gojek.

What it does

Cuebe is a combination of 6 or more apps in one. It gives a holistic user experience from gaming to tracking the stock market. The user can involve friends to split bills with them through their wallets. To encourage a shift towards green lifestyle, escooters can be booked via the website too. It gives a very simple and elegant experience to a diversified list of services.

How we built it

The frontend is built using ReactJS, it uses GraphCMS as a headless CMS to store user data such as contacts and their walletIDs in order to facilitate payments using the Rapyd APIs.

Rapyd APIs used in the project are:

  • Checkout API - To create hosted checkout pages on the fly to facilitate transactions on the platform
  • Create Wallet API - To create a E-Wallet for the user
  • Update Wallet API - To update user data for the created Wallet
  • Delete Wallet API - To delete the wallet if the user does not wish to be a part of the platform anymore
  • Wallet transactions API - To get the list of transactions done by a wallet using its unique walletID
  • Group Payments API - To create a group payment for a user and their friends

This Link can be used to checkout the webApp. This does not include the implementation of a few APIs due to configuration issues during deployment on heroku For a complete end to end demo, kindly refer to the demo video which shows the whole application running smoothly on localhost.

Challenges we ran into

Configuring the GraphCMS interface for the React App was hard but we were able to sail through to the well-written documentation GraphCMS provides.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Completing the design and development of a SuperApp with a really nice User Interface is something we are proud of!

What we learned

We learned how to use the Rapyd Sandbox and APIs and how to build full-fledged Fintech applications leveraging these APIs.

What's next for Cuebe

Building a mobile app for iOS and Android is the next step.

Built With

  • auth0
  • figma
  • graphcms
  • graphql
  • react
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