This project was the result of our group being desired to create an application that uses communication to solve problems. Reddit's method of communication among users was greatly influential in the thought process of creating an application where users can read and view posts. We decided to create a simple intuitive and accessible application where users can post information regarding health and medicine.

What it does

Asclepius is a site for users to communicate tips regarding best health and medical practices. In this site, users can read and post news, advice and information regarding the world of health and medicine including but not limited to food diets that actually work, health insurance advice, warnings about locations or businesses that have unsanitary or unhygienic conditions and more.

How I built it

HTML and CSS were used to create the layout and style of the pages of the website respectively. Python and Flask were used to make the website dynamic. Finally, JSON files were used to store data.

Challenges I ran into

Our group started the project with an overly ambitious attitude, and we later on realized that we had to cut back on features that we desired to include in order to realistically finish the project before the deadline.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our group is proud of creating a dynamic website with a stylish design.

What I learned

We improved in our knowledge of programming technologies, most noticeably JSON and especially Flask.

What's next for Asclepius

If this product was to scale, this application would probably have features like comments and user profiles.

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