Tired of the laggy connections?

Are you part of the four billion people who do not have access to high-speed internet connections? Do you wish there was a low latency alternative to Zoom and Microsoft Teams that does not require a high quality internet access?

Introducing asciifi

A fast low latency P2P video-calling platform that everyone with internet access can use.

Connecting people in all the corners of the world, we hope that asciifi is able to remove the barrier to staying connected even if the infrastructure may not be in place.

Whether you live in Silicon Valley or a remote rural area, your voice should not be limited by internet speed. Asciifi provides an avenue for the voices not heard and the faces not seen to finally be projected around the world.


Why asciffi?

With over 51% of the world's population lacking reliable high speed internet, most of the common video conferencing platforms demand too much data and are not suitable for the underprivileged users.

In order to mitigate the needs for high speed internet and still provide access to video conferencing software, we created asciifi. Asciifi enables people from less privileged backgrounds to finally connect with other people all around the world.

While other competitors have a latency anywhere form 30ms to 40ms, Asciifi is more than 3x faster with an average latency of 10 ms. It removes the bottleneck of sending video by sending text instead.


Why send gigabytes of data when you can send 1000 times less data and send megabytes of data? Asciifi has lower barrier to entry and makes sure that more people have access to reliable video conferencing.

How it works

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Other notes

Asciifi has been tested with Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

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